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Achieve precision in chromatography, liquid-liquid extraction, HPLC and more using our cutting-edge automation to elevate your sample preparation.
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Key services

Bring the precision, speed and safety of Labman's automated sample prep technologies to your laboratory.
Robotic solid-phase extraction workstationsEnhance your solid-phase extraction (SPE) workflow with Labman's technological solutions. Our automated systems, integrated with advanced robotics and liquid handling instrumentation, ensure uniformity and reproducibility. Techniques such as protein precipitation, microwave digestion, and solid-phase microextraction can be employed to handle diverse sample types efficiently in pharmaceuticals and environmental labs.
Integrated chromatographyStreamline HPLC and GC processes for accurate compound separation and analysis. Our integrated robotic systems can automate sample injection, column switching, and method optimization, utilizing techniques like QueChERS for efficient pesticide analysis in the food & beverage and environmental industries.
Automated liquid-liquid extractionOur integrated robotics and liquid handling systems enhance efficiency in the food & beverage and energy & renewables industries. Precise solvent addition, mixing, and phase separation are automated, ensuring consistent and efficient extraction of analytes from complex matrices to revolutionize your liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) workflow.
Nucleic acid extractionOur robotic systems can automate DNA/RNA isolation processes, incorporating techniques like magnetic bead-based extraction and column-based purification. Automate precipitation methods and gel electrophoresis for nucleic acid isolation for high purity.
Automation for almost any sample prep workflowEfficiently handle diverse processes such as sonication, grinding, and extraction. Employ supercritical fluid extraction and derivatization for volatile compounds, enhancing the development of innovative products.
Advanced sample homogenization automationLabman platforms can efficiently grind, blend, or emulsify solid and liquid samples. Techniques like Soxhlet extraction and phenol-chloroform extraction ensure uniformity and reproducibility for your products.

Our approach

No matter what industry you're working in, when it comes to sample preparation, Labman's technologies can bring signifcant gains to your lab workflows. We have many standard products that can be quickly and easily integrated into your laboratory setup with minimal onboarding time. If you need something more bespoke, our custom projects allow for total freedom of workflow automation, integrating a wealth of instruments and novel modules that fits your exact needs.

Labman has long been known as the go-to provider of custom technologies. We're experts at developing and integrating technologies that fit the exact specifications of even the most unique workflows ensuring that labs can enhance their existing workflows, instead of fighting with automation that doesn't quite fit. When it comes to sample preparation, we know that your workflow is driven by your product goals, so a custom project is often the best fit when it comes to automating this process.

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“As well as the extremely high quality of their work, the team at Labman are exceptional. They are responsive, reliable and have a very collaborative attitude. They will often come up with intelligent and innovative solutions to problems and are always open to discuss any ideas for improvements.”
— Antony CurlyLaboratory Validation Manager
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We’ve produced 100s of unique pieces of revolutionary technologies for laboratories worldwide. Each of these harnesses Labman’s unique ability to design for a specific workflow and to integrate tools that customer’s know well in an automated way.

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