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Oil dilution system

A high throughput system for diluting oil samples to specified dilution factors so that they can be loaded into sample analysers.
Labman custom system: Oil dilution system

Key features

High ThroughputThroughput of 8 samples an hour
Variable Capacity96 x 30ml vials | 96 x 4ml vials | 192 x 2ml vials | 288 x 1ml ambient pipette tips
SolventsSolvent dispensing
Heated ZoneHeated zone for each vial type and 96 pipette tips, temperature range from ambient to 90°C
PipettingSample pipetting
Weighing Cell4dp weighing cell


System Overview.

In early 2015 Labman installed and commissioned an Oil Dilution System for a large oil and gas company in the USA. The system dilutes oil samples to specified dilution factors so that they can be loaded into sample analysers in the laboratory. The system can handle 30ml, 4ml and 2ml glass vials and uses a Tecan ADP for the pipette handling. Other modules include a heated vial rack, vortexer station, capping/de-capping stations and solvent dispense station with weight feedback. The system has 2 modes of operation: • Batch mode Dilution of oil samples with a pre-determined list of dilution factors. Samples are removed from the system manually and loaded into offline analysers. • Interactive mode Dilution of oil samples on an ad-hoc basis that is driven by an analyser unit. The analyser requests that the robot makes a particular dilution for a given sample. This is the second system of this type after one was installed for the same company in the Netherlands in 2010.



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