Automated XPR solid dosing system

MultiDose automates high accuracy solid dosing from Mettler Toledo dosing heads, using an XPR balance and dosing module. The system combines a collaborative robot arm and Labman's MultiDose software for efficient, accurate and reproducible dispensing.

Flexible and intuitive workflow

MultiDose is based around a single, compact, collaborative, benchtop platform which can easily be integrated into any existing workflow. Supplied with MultiDose custom software as standard, the system provides an intuitive, high-throughput solution for unrivalled efficiency and maximum walk-away time.

Collaborative and compact

The collaborative Universal Robot arm brings the flexibility of an open platform. Multiple users can work around the system and the compact size allows easy integration into an established laboratory process, without compromising safety.
  • Collaborative robot arm for same-space working
  • Live consumable replenishment. A run can be paused before loading new dosing heads - the system auto scans for new dosing heads once the run is resumed
  • Minimal safety training required, enabling more users

Mettler Toledo compatible

The Mettler Toledo XPR is well established in solid dosing. All Mettler Toledo dosing head types can be handled at once within the unit. This allows easy transfer of dosing heads across other systems in your lab. A drawer provides storage for further dosing heads.
  • 56 position carousel allowing plenty of storage for dosing heads
  • Automatic RFID reading and writing in each carousel position
  • 6 decimal place XPR balance for superb accuracy

Custom built, intuitive software

Operators configure and manage runs on the MultiDose platform via a simple touch screen, drag and drop interface. RFID tracking of dosing heads validates that the correct solids are loaded, and that the quantity is enough to complete the run according to the specified parameters, including from other dosing heads loaded onto the carousel. The live visual UI gives operators instant visibility of run performance.
  • Simple, drag and drop user interface
  • Autonomous interchangeable gripper fingertips allow different vial types to be handled in the same run
  • Temperature and humidity are logged at set intervals, and against each powder dispense
  • User control offers full traceability of experiment owners. Notifications of system status allows maximum system uptime.
  • Spare vial function allows the option to load a spare rack in the event of out-of-tolerance vials, leaving full racks of in-tolerance vials
Designed and built in the UKMultiDose benefits from our 40+ years experience designing and building automated systems. Housed within a single unit, the system can be delivered to your lab in one piece, minimising on-site setup time.
Customisable MultiDose can be purchased straight 'off the shelf' or it can be custom built. This could include additional module/s or we can integrate it into a glovebox, or an enclosure for air filtration for example.
Labman supportAs with every Labman system, we offer fantastic support packages, and each system comes with a 1-year full warranty as standard.
How does MultiDose work?

Quality engineering, robust software

From beginning to end, the MultiDose workflow is engineered to minimise the need for human intervention, even in the event of errors and out-of-tolerance dispenses. Maximise your uptime and free up your technicians for the work that matters.

Load the dosing heads, and your chosen vials. This can be up to 6 different vial types in the same run, owing to interchangeable gripper fingertips, and on-board vial adaptors. Enter or upload your dispense requirements and start the run.

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“I appreciate the time that the two Labman engineers spent with us to ensure proper functioning of the MultiDose in the glovebox. They explained the instrument, its software and the to-be-expected after-sales support well, and I feel confident that I am able to perform dosing experiments on my own.”
— Michael DechantsreiterAssociate Scientific Director

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