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Automated drawdown system

A multi-functional system for producing moulds and thin film drawdowns on steel panels and glass slides.
Labman custom system: Automated drawdown system

Key features

Compatibility Supports the use of many different moulds, panels and slides
Semi-Automated CleaningConsumables placed in solvent bath to reduce cleaning time
Configurable WorkflowIntuitive software allows the user to control many features in the process, changing run type, consumable type and dispense characteristics
Capping/DecappingAutomatic capping and decapping of syringes
Bespoke DiesUnique dies designed specifically to produce thin films on glass slides
Functional IntegrationWorks and interacts seamlessly with previous Labman measurement systems
TQC Bird Type ApplicatorsSample applied with 4 sided bird bars, allowing for a range in coating thickness
Vacuum BedCustom vacuum bed keeps panels flat during drawdown


The system dispenses sample from a syringe onto the desired surface or mould, consisting of an XYZ gantry and stacker axis to receive drawn down panels. The process starts with the system picking a syringe, reading the barcode and de-capping it. For slide drawdown, a die is placed on the syringe tip. The system dispenses a measured amount of sample and draws downs using the die onto 20 glass slides secured in a universal slide rack.

The thin films created can be measured directly for thickness and resistivity by another system designed by Labman. A mould rack can replace the slide rack, in which case sample is dispensed without a die into the desired moulds. For panel drawdown, a panel is placed on the vacuum bed where the syringe dispenses a measured amount of sample. A drawdown bar is moved across the panel creating a thin film of sample. The panel is pushed into the stacker and the process is repeated. These panels can be measured for colour, reflectance and gloss on the Optical Coatings System produced by Labman.



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