Custom project

Vial weighing and reformatting system

A stand-alone system which automates tare weighing, gross weighing and reformatting vials.
Labman custom system: Vial weighing and reformatting system

Key features

Vial weighing4 decimal place balance enclosed in draught shield
Bowl feederOrientates and feeds new caps
Anti-staticIntegrated anti-static ionizing bar
CapperCapper de-caps and caps vials
Tool changersInterchangeable tools for different vial types
Reformatting modeVial reformatting to high density racks


The system’s primary functions are to tare weigh empty vials and then gross weigh vials that contain sample. Vials are transported between stations by a 6-axis robot arm. The stations on the system provide the following functionality – Barcode reader to scan vials for traceability, a vibratory bowl feeder to present new caps for vials, a capper to remove and apply caps, an anti-static ionizing bar that the vial is passed through to eliminate static charge and a 4 decimal place balance which is enclosed to prevent draughts interfering with weighing. The system is compatible with multiple vial types. Interchangeable tools are picked by the robot arm to allow different vial types to be handled. The system can also reformat vials to different rack types. All data is stored in an output file that is formatted to be compatible with the customer’s LIMS system.



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