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Malvern 3000 particle sizing system

Measures suspended particle size of liquid samples using an integrated Malvern 3000 Mastersizer.
Labman custom system: Malvern 3000 particle sizing system

Key features

Integrated MastersizerMalvern particle sizer integrated into the system, an industry standard measurement device.
High capacity racksHigh capacity racks allow up to 196 samples to be added to the system for overnight or weekend running.
Status lightsStatus light on the top of the system allows instant feedback on the progress of the current samples.
Integrated cleaning and diluent swappingCleaning and diluent changes are integrated into the system to ensure the particle sizer is clean for the next sample.
Barcode readerBarcode reader to track the progress and link the data recorded to each sample.
System emailsThe system emails the user the results on their samples once complete.
ID card loginQuick RFID card login links the user to their samples without needing a username and password.


A free standing, enclosed, automated system with an integrated Malvern MasterSizer 3000 particle sizing unit which performs particle size measurements. The samples are placed into the system in Cuvette vials, the sample transferred a dilution vial, diluted, mixed, and dispensed into the Malvern instrument. Results are emailed to the user automatically once their samples have been completed. Once the Malvern has performed a measurement, a self-check is performed on the optics. Valves and pumps housed below the bed provide the necessary hardware to clean the Malvern, if required, to prevent inaccurate results.



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