Custom project

Sample preparation system

An innovative, automated system for dispensing compound powders to multiple consumables for analysis
Labman custom system: Sample preparation system

Key features

Data handlingRealtime data handling and sample tracking
Intuitive operationSimple, easy-to use, touchscreen graphical user interface
WeighingAccurate balance for weighing 0.25 – 10g
AnalysisMoisture analysis online moisture analysis and data handling
AdaptabilityRobust handling of multiple consumable types
DispensingBespoke powder dispensing method


This subsampling system creates homogenous subsamples in 4 consumable types and performs online moisture analysis. It consists of an XYZ gantry that handles consumables between storage racks and 2 dispensing modules. The robot arm tumbles the tube to homogenise the contents before removing the bung and starting to dispense. Powder is subsampled to glass weigh boats, paper cups, test tubes and moisture analysis pans. A 0.1mg analytical balance reports stable final dispense weights in the range 0.25 – 10g. Dispenses to moisture pans are vortexed before analysis and disposed of afterward in a bin. The innovative dispensing method ensures that the subsamples are fully representative of the batch. The system has capacity for 150 input tubes and can dispense these to 500 outputs in 20 hours. It is designed to run unattended and can be paused to remove consumables for analysis or replenish the input tubes. This system is combined with its sister system, an acid digestion system to aid in material research for the recycling industry.



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