Custom project

Panel preparation system

A high throughput, automated system for creating paint films on panels to enable analysis and testing of the paint formulation.
Labman custom system: Panel preparation system

Key features

Liquid handling/dispensingBespoke pipettor is used to aspirate and dispense paint using 10ml Eppendorf Viscotips.
Force sensingMitsubishi Robot Arm wrist force sensor. Allows more robust picking, placing, capping, de-capping, handling of paint pots.
AnalysisImage capture and spectrometry of samples.
MixingDual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC) used to mix the pots.
DrawdownAccurate and repeatable drawdowns.
Washing/dryingWashing and drying of drawdown bars between samples to prevent cross contamination.


The panel preparation robot is loaded with pots of paint and blank panels. Each pot is picked from its rack location, has its barcode read and is then mixed in a dual-axis centrifuge (DAC) and de-capped. A blank panel is picked from the panel stack and loaded onto a vacuum bed which holds the panel flat. Paint is aspirated from the pot and dispensed onto the panel in a line. A drawdown bar is then pulled across the panel to create a thin film. The drawdown bar is washed and dried. An image and spectrometry measurement are also taken before it is stored in a removable cassette to dry.

“The newest model of TIDAS instruments is being put through rigorous evaluation and constant use. The upgrades to the software and automatic draw-down device have made this newest member of the TIDAS family an indispensable must have. The results obtained from the TIDAS instruments have made it easy to show our customers the reality of lab grind analysis without putting o a lab coat, for this we are grateful. Thanks to the Labman team for the great support and superb customer service. The transition from installation to full practice was a snap.”
— Jose AbrantesTechnical Market Manager



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