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ZPOW powder dispensing system

An easy-to-operate, automated system for dispensing powder into vials and well plates.
Labman custom system: ZPOW powder dispensing system

Key features

De-clog stationPowder is fluidised prior to dispensing by rapidly inverting the tube through a circular motion
Anti-staticWell plates are passed through a U shaped anti-static device prior to weighing
Cross contamination preventionIncludes a vacuum port in locations where powder may accumulate, each is connected to a central vacuum cleaner.
Barcode reading1D and 2D barcode reading
WeighingWell plates are weighed using a 5 decimal place weigh cell, mounted within an enclosure to prevent the effect of drafts
Powder feeding accuracyAble to feed to +/- 2mg into deep well plates


The ZPOW Powder Dispensing System is a fully enclosed floor standing robot which has been designed to dispense plant sample from input tubes to output well plates. It is controlled from a desktop PC using software written by Labman specifically for this application. The system handles 6ml FluidX input tubes and 96 position well plates via a dual arm Tecan Omni. The robot has a capacity for up to 9 input racks and 12 well plates. Each input rack contains 24 tubes. The system picks each input tube, pierces a small hole in the cap and then dispenses powder using controlled vibration and feedback from a high precision 5 decimal place weigh cell.



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