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Acid digestion system

A bespoke automated solution for acid dosing and microwave digestion of compound powders
Labman custom system: Acid digestion system

Key features

Instrument integrationCEM Discover SP-80 Microwave Digester seamlessly incorporated into the fully automated process
DispensingAccurate dispensing of various acids, up to 0.5% tolerance
Flexible workflowSystem can be used alongside a subsample preparation system or as a standalone
Liquid transferAspirating and dispensing using syringe pumps and disposable 5ml pipettes.
CappingCapping and decapping of low profile, push fit caps
Environmental ControlVapour containment and extraction to avoid leakage of harmful gases


This bespoke Acid Digestion System can run integrated with its sister system, the Sample Preparation System, or standalone with tubes that have been prepared by hand. The system accurately dispenses multiple acids into pre prepared microwave tubes containing compound metallic powders. The tubes are loaded into a microwave digester where they are capped, digested and de-capped for further processing. Additional acids and liquids can be added to the tube after microwaving. The digested solution is aspirated using a syringe pump through disposable pipettes and is transferred to output tubes, which are capped and replaced to the rack. The XYZ gantry handles multiple consumables; microwave tubes, caps, 50ml output tubes and pipettes. All processes involving acids use are performed in the ventilated ‘acid handling and dispensing box’ and are accessed through a trapdoor from the workspace above. The box is made from corrosion-resistant materials to increase the longevity of the components inside the system. A laser-guided, magnetic drive axis transports the consumables between the dosing station and the microwave digester.



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