Custom project

Vial weighing and labelling system

An automated system for labelling and weighing 4 different vial types.
Labman custom system: Vial weighing and labelling system

Key features

LabellingIntegrated Cab Axon 1.2 label printer
Balance validationA validation weight is used to validate and track the balance accuracy during process runs
WeighingIntegrated 5 place Sartorius balance
VersatilitySystem is capable of processing 4 different vial types ranging from 20ml to 1.5ml
CappingCaps are removed and applied to the 20ml vial type
Barcode scanningIntegrated Keyence barcode reader


The Vial Weighing and Labelling System is a benchtop robot that weighs and applies labels to 4 different vial types – 20ml, 4ml, 2ml and 1.5ml. Up to 5 racks of vials are loaded into the system by the user at the start of a run. Each vial is picked by the robot, labelled or barcode scanned, then weighed on a 5 decimal place balance. The weight of each vial is recorded in a .csv file saved on the system PC. Different vials are processed by using interchangeable vial holders and gripper fingers which are compatible with each vial type loaded into the system. These parts are manually changed by the user at the start of a run. A stand-alone labeller is integrated into the system. The robot places a vial into the labeller to be automatically labelled. A capper is used to remove and apply caps to the 20ml vial type.



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