Custom project

Tube labelling system

A fully enclosed system to label tubes via Scinomix Sci-Print SOLO Labellers.
Labman custom system: Tube labelling system

Key features

ThroughputEpson SCARA LS6 robot arm with custom dual gripper end effector. 670 tubes per hr.
UsabilityEasy interaction with systems. Magnetic rack locks, pull out labeller. Sensors detect when systems are in maintenance positions and require user intervention.
Instrument IntegrationScinomix Sci-Print SOLO Printer integrated for pure labelling capabilities. 4 seconds per label application on 60mm pre-printed labels. Downtime reduced with secondary labeller.


The tube labelling system is a fully enclosed floor standing system designed to pick capped Sarstedt tubes from racks, label them via one of two Scinomix Sci-Print SOLO labellers and place these back to racks. A dual gripper Z Axis increases throughput and utilised the full speed of an Epson SCARA LS6 Robot arm.

Tubes are then transferred to Tube Filling System also developed by Labman.



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