Custom project

Automated colony counter

A bespoke product for automating the de-lidding and imaging of petri dishes.
Labman custom system: Automated colony counter

Key features

Status lightingRBG LED ring lights are situated under each carousel stack. The LED rings signal the status of the stack and that two is matched with the GUI.
Easy cleanThe systems bed can be easily and quickly cleaned down. All hardware is chemical inert and the parts that aren’t, can be easily removed.
Barcode readingLine scan camera images the side of each plate. Labman’s software.
ImagingSynoptics camera images the plate and Labman’s software performs analysis.


Labman proudly presents a revolutionary automated colony counting system.

Developed in partnership with Synbiosis, it utilises a carousel that holds one hundred 90mm petri dishes. It de-lids plates from the carousel stacks, reads their barcode, takes an image of the dish’s contents. Then it reunites the bottom half of the dish with its lid and places it back into the carousel.

The carousel stacks are illuminated using RGB LED ring lights to allow quick visual status updates.
A full run of 100 plates takes around 1.5 hours to complete.

Before each run begins the software allows the operator to customise all aspects of the imaging and light settings used to take the image. Barcode information can also be pre-loaded into the software.



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