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Vial imaging system

A benchtop vial imaging system which uses a line scan camera to image the inside of a vial as it rotates. Requires minimal user interaction.
Labman custom system: Vial imaging system

Key features

Vial HoldingRotary vial holder that allows the entire vial to be imaged and rotated
Pneumatic GripperPneumatic gripper for consistent actuation
XYZ GantryTecan Cavro Omni XYZ gantry for fast and reliable positioning
Barcode ReaderBarcode reader to allow sample tracking
Line Scan CameraLine scan camera creates a singular image of the same position
BenchtopOpen, compact system which is easy to situate in existing laboratories


The Vial Imaging System is a benchtop robot that is designed to minimise user interaction to allow scientists to complete other tasks whilst the system is running. The system uses an XYZ gantry with a pneumatic gripper to move samples from their storage racks to an imaging module.

The imaging module uses a line scan camera to image the inside edge of the vial as it rotates, this image is then stitched together to generate a singular image of the entire vial. This image is then saved with a reference to the barcode on the rack and its position in the rack.

The Vial Imaging System is used to optimise Vivan Therapeutics’ incredible cancer screening process which has advanced their data capture capability to an extraordinary level. Read about it here.



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