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Miracle: Tumour Detection System

An FP7, EU-funded, collaborative to develop an automated system for the detection of tumour cells in blood, using an integrated disposable consumable.
Labman custom system: Miracle: Tumour Detection System

Key features

Precise flow pathsThe precise flow and positioning of 20 micro litres of blood plasma and 10 micro litres of reagents is achieved using a combination of syringe drives, pneumatic valves, servo motors and laser sensors.
Disposable consumablesThis disposable consumable has several micro-fluidic pathways and dedicated reservoirs housing freeze dried reagents to perform magnetic isolation, amplification and detection of free circulating cancer genes in blood samples.
DNA detection potentiostatLabman developed a DNA detecting potentiostat that measures the interaction between DNA and specific bio-markers. This is a very fast, parallel electrode system. The 64 individual gold electrode chips are fabricated and functionalised with complimentary bio-marker DNA at different concentration levels by Rovira i Virgili University in Spain.
Custom thermo-electric Peltier controller A custom Thermo-electric Peltier controller (hardware and software), was developed by Labman for the accurate control off temperature during DNA amplification. This module is capable of accurately holding the temperature of a sample within an accuracy of 1 degree over the range of 10 to 120 degrees.


MIRACLE is an FP7, EU-funded, collaborative project between Labman and 13 partners from universities, research institutions and companies all over Europe. The project aim is to develop an automated system for the isolation, amplification and detection of circulating tumour cells in blood samples, using an integrated disposable consumable.

“Labman staff have always been thoroughly professional and are experts in their field.”
— Andy EvansResearch chemist


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