Custom project

Tray filling system

A simple-to-use, automated solution for filling, grading, marking and stacking agar-filled trays
Labman custom system: Tray filling system

Key features

DispensingFilling using a peristaltic pump
WeighingGravimetric validation of dispense
HEPA FilterIngress prevention through positive pressure
SterilisationIntegration of autoclave
Level detectionUltrasonic level detection to determine ‘flatness’ of dispense
EngravingDot matric engraving of serial numbers


This system has been commissioned to replace an old, unsupported system and is designed to fill stacks of 240mm x 240mm trays with agar, engrave them with a numerical ID and validate the dispense performance with a balance and level detection. To prevent external contamination a HEPA filter is integrated to maintain a positive pressure throughout the enclosure. The system has a capacity for 40 trays, presented to the system stacked in one of two trolleys. Each tray is picked from the input trolley in turn and processed on the robot bed before being placed into an output trolley. Weight and level height data is collected and stored in a database against each tray’s unique ID on the system for every run. Rejected trays are flagged in the software and indicated to the operator.



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