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With plans to become a quantitative researcher, we hear from Jake after his internship.
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Katie SimpsonPublished 25th Oct 2023

Jake quickly became an integral part of the team during his internship! He has returned to Durham University to his MPhys Theoretical Physics degree. He hopes to go on to do a PhD in machine learning and aims to become a quantitive researcher. This is what he had to say about working at Labman…

As a Theoretical Physics student at Durham University, I initially had some reservations about venturing into the world of engineering. However, Labman offered me the chance to apply my skills in a practical setting and gain valuable real-world experience.
My journey began with a week of work experience, during which I got a firsthand look into the Labman culture and the diverse range of projects they were engaged in. What stood out to me the most during that first week was the range of industries they worked with, all seeking automation solutions.

Throughout the summer, my primary focus was on data analysis. I delved into Labman’s diverse projects and immersed myself in the field of Machine Learning. I harnessed historical data to construct predictive models, providing me with a valuable introduction to the realm of data-driven decision-making. One of the most exhilarating aspects of my internship was working with a robot arm. Each day presented fresh challenges, from configuring and coding to conducting rigorous testing.

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Intern Jake

Reflecting on my time at Labman, I am genuinely thankful for the experience they provided me. Professionally, I’ve acquired skills and insights that I wouldn’t have gained elsewhere. Collaborating with talented, motivated, and intelligent colleagues was a privilege. The Labman culture promotes collaboration, support, and innovation, creating an environment that nurtures both personal and professional growth.
As I prepare for my final year at university, I’m excited to apply the knowledge and experiences I gained at Labman.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Labman for giving me this opportunity. I walked in with a CV and cover letter, and they provided me with the chance to learn and grow.

Thank you for all your help Jake! He wasn’t too proud to admit a bit of hand holding was needed at times from his pal Mitch ;)

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Intern Jake