The Interns - Tristan

What did Tristan get up to when he wasn't beating his pals at pool?
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Katie SimpsonPublished 18th Oct 2023

Tristan studies Engineering (Meng) at the University of Cambridge. This summer, when he wasn’t beating his pals at pool, he was helping out in the R&D zone developing a liquid dispensing module. Here’s what he had to say about his internship at Labman;

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Labman. For most of the summer I’ve been working in R&D on a liquid dispensing module for future robots, which has been a challenging but very interesting project. I spent a lot of time designing and prototyping different concepts for various parts of the system and it was great to get hands on experience using 3D printers, SolidWorks, and the machine shop. This was probably the part of the internship I enjoyed the most.

As an intern I was given a surprising amount of responsibility and felt like I was able to have a real impact on the project, something I’ve found very rewarding, and useful in developing my engineering skills. I’ve also enjoyed Labman’s friendly and relaxed working culture and have found the other engineers to be very helpful, as well as passionate about their work. While not working I’ve had a lot of fun using the gym and beating Mitch and Jake at pool during lunch breaks.

Overall, it’s been a great experience and I’d like to thank Labman for having me, as well as everyone who has helped me out while I’ve been here, and I wish you all the best.

Intern Tristan sat at desk working on liquid dispensing module
Intern Tristan