Labman’s Experience

At Labman we pride ourselves on being more than just instrument integrators. We actively encourage those interested in automation to present us with their most challenging problems. These challenges are tackled by staff who are encouraged to be inquisitive, creative and have a can do attitude.

It is not just about having a strong team determined to find a solution though. One of our great strengths is the breadth of industries we operate in. When presented with a new challenge we draw on the years of experience from the diverse industries we have worked with to guide us in creating new solutions.

We have a proven track record of developing solutions to challenges that were previously thought insurmountable. As one of our current clients kindly said, “if Labman can’t do it, it probably can’t be done”

  • Labman automation Innovation Andrew Whitwell
  • Labman automation Innovation rocket powered scooter firework mobility

Key capabilities.


  • A large team of experienced multidiscipline engineers
  • In house resources, from components to machining capabilities, allow quick testing of concepts and ideas
  • Presence in multiple industries allows borrowing of ideas and solutions
  • Proven record of producing solutions to complex solutions

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