Instrument Development

From inception to manufacture

Labman Custom Instrument Development System

Outsourcing the design and creation of your instrument or product idea can be daunting, however, with Labman’s experience, transparency and friendly, hands-on approach, we aim to make the process of seeing your idea become reality as enjoyable as seeing the final instrument itself.

The complexities of creating a brand-new instrument are easily catered for in-house at Labman. With a multi-disciplinary team that includes dedicated mechanical, software and electrical engineers, many of whom have a deep, working understanding of the crossover between these areas, and with a large, high-capacity workshop in our HQ, your project will benefit from our team’s well-established workflow.

A development timeline that fits you

Our simple, modular process makes it easy to keep track of the state of your product as it passes through the stages of development. Each major step is subdivided into clear sub-steps. You can choose how many modules you wish to use, based upon how far you wish to take your product. Labman Instrument Development always ensures that you have control of your product, and can assist you to progress with it’s completion in any direction you wish to take it.
  • Initial meetings/calls to discuss your new concept/legacy product

  • Initial sketches and blue-sky concepts for the product

Case Studies

Labman Osteoporosis Detection Device
Osteoporosis Detection Device
Coming soon!