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Labman TIDAS Automated Grindometer System
Objectively determine particle size in your dispersions
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Objective ratings in seconds
TIDAS automates the analysis of a wide range of samples using a Hegman gauge. Fineness of grind is determined objectively, removing operator variation and ensuring reproducibility. Each reading takes less than 20 seconds. If you use a Hegman gauge in your process, you will benefit from TIDAS.
Optimise your process
Production of paints, coatings, battery materials and inks means running costly factory processes. Preventing unnecessary overprocessing from inconsistent, manual Hegman testing can translate to substantial savings. The benefits are twofold; saving costs from overprocessing whilst also freeing up factory equipment to continue with other work.
TIDAS Automated Grindometer Hegman Gauge Drawdown
Absolute quality control
TIDAS can be used at all stages of a product life cycle. From suppliers testing raw materials, to manufacturers analysing incoming sample, all the way through to quality control of final product.

Users are able to preset TIDAS to automatically produce a pass or fail against their quality standards. Particulate data results are digitally stored with multiple benefits;
- Sharing between sites globally
- Customer-supplier quality analysis
- Long term production analysis
- Shelf life analysis
Typical applications
Battery materials
Solder pastes
Tried and tested
TIDAS was developed over 25 years ago and has gone through several iterations, each honing its performance and reliability. It now operates in over 40 countries for a range of companies including Akzo Nobel, Venator and BASF. Due to its robust, low-maintenance design, super-sharp imaging, customisability and versatility, TIDAS has become the go-to system for grind gauge/grindometer testing.
Compatible and customisable
TIDAS’s dedicated software can be customised to match your requirements allowing you to set ratings and more. TIDAS works with a wide range of gauge sizes to suit your existing workflow.
How does it work?
TIDAS is a tried and tested system that is extremely simple and easy-to-use. The sample is automatically drawn down over the Hegman gauge, which is viewed by a high-resolution camera. A histogram of particle distribution is produced. This is interrogated by an algorithm to generate a sample rating.
TIDAS Automated Grindometer Drawdown system
TIDAS Automated Grindometer Drawdown system
TIDAS Automated Grindometer Drawdown system

"The newest model of TIDAS Instruments is being put through rigorous evaluation and constant use. The upgrades to the software and automatic draw-down device have made this newest member to the TIDAS family an indispensable must have. The results obtained from the TIDAS Instruments has made it easy to show our customers the reality of lab grind analysis without putting on a lab coat, for this we are grateful. Thanks to the LABMAN Team for the great support and superb customer service. The transition from installation to full practice was a snap."

Joe Abrantes - Scientist
Evonik Corporation

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