Automated XPR Solid Dosing System

XPR dosing heads

Mettler Toledo dosing heads

SBS vials

SBS format vials

Automate powder dosing to new levels of versatility and efficiency. MultiDose automates high accuracy solid dosing from Mettler Toledo dosing heads, into a variety of SBS format vials. The system combines an XPR balance and dosing module with a collaborative robot arm and Labman's MultiDose software for efficient, accurate and reproducible dispensing.

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MultiDose XPR Powder Dosing System by Labman

MultiDose™ Benchtop Platform


MultiDose is based around a single, compact, collaborative, benchtop platform which can easily be integrated into any existing workflow. Supplied with MultiDose custom software as standard, the system provides an intuitive, high-throughput solution for unrivalled efficiency and maximum walk-away time.

MultiDose™ with HEPA extraction

Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction

The system pictured here has been developed as a custom variation of MultiDose for GSK. An additional HEPA air filtration module was required. The MultiDose platform has been integrated into a standalone system with an enclosure around it for safety. This system was delivered to GSK's R&D site, Stevenage in late 2021. Find out more about this system here.

Robust, simple design

Packed with features such as anti-static bars, an integrated anti-vibration table and an intuitive custom built UI with drag and drop rack input, the system is designed to minimise the need for human intervention. Working around the clock providing walk-away time and maximising productivity in the lab.


carousel positions with automated RFID tag writing and reading in each position


SBS format vial types can be loaded and handled in one process run

Key features

Well Plates

6 SBS format vial types

The system has space for 6 vial input racks. The cobot uses one of 6 vial adapters, stored within the unit, allowing all 6 vial types to be handled in the same run without intervention.

Covid Sample Vials

56 position carousel

The 56 position carousel is compatible with all Mettler Toledo dosing heads and scans each position separately to detect dosing head type and identify materials.

MultiDose hoppers

Mettler Toledo compatible

The Mettler Toledo XPR is well established in solid dosing. All dosing head types can be handled at once within the unit. A drawer provides storage for dosing heads.

MultiDose pause run

Live consumable replenishment

A user can pause the run at any time to access the racks and consumables. After resuming, the system will scan for new dosing heads before continuing the run from the previous process. A rack can be prioritised to be processed immediately.


Autonomous, interchangeable gripper fingertips

Storage is provided inside the unit and accessible to the cobot for 6 sets of gripper fingertips for the associated vial type. Robust picking is done from the vial body, not the thread.

Sample Vial

Spare vial function

Users have the option to load a rack of spare vials which will be utilised in the event of an out of tolerance dispense. Lab operators will always be left with a full rack of in tolerance dispenses.


Fully collaborative

The collaborative Universal Robot arm brings the flexibility of an open platform. Multiple users can work around the system and the compact size allows easy integration into an established laboratory process, without compromising safety.


User control and system notifications

User control offers full traceability of experiment owners. Notifications of system status allows maximum system uptime to be achieved.


Temperature and humidity monitoring

Readings of the temperature and relative humidity are logged at set intervals during a process as well as against each powder dispense. The MultiDose software supports easy data output and automated graphing.

Flexible, intuitive process

MultiDose - Automated Powder Dosing System
MultiDose UI

Designed and manufactured by Labman in the UK

MultiDose benefits from our 40+ years experience designing and building automated systems. Housed within a single unit, the system can be delivered to your lab in one piece, minimising on-site setup time.

MultiDose custom designed software and reliable data management

Operators configure and manage runs on the MultiDose platform via a simple touch screen, drag and drop interface. RFID tracking of dosing heads validates that the correct solids are loaded, and that the quantity is enough to complete the run according to the specified parameters, including from other dosing heads loaded onto the carousel. The live visual UI gives operators instant visibility of run performance.

The priority rack feature enables the user to prioritise a particular rack. A run can be paused mid process, and a new rack loaded then selected to be processed first before resuming the rest of the run.

All data is securely output in a .CSV file highlighting the achieved dispense mass and tolerance on a per vial basis. The software also allows easy integration into an existing LIMS or ELN system.

Carousel with Mettler Toledo dosing heads
MultiDose Automated Powder Dosing System with HEPA extraction

Automatic RFID writing and reading in each storage position

The carousel automatically detects the presence and contents of the dosing heads via the head RFID tag, in all of the 56 positions. Operators have the ability to easily write or amend data on the Mettler Toledo dosing heads directly from the carousel without interrupting any current runs. This enables a seamless material configuration and dispensing process within your laboratory operations.

HEPA extraction

The standalone version of the MultiDose system is enclosed in an IP2X fingerproof enclosure with HEPA extraction. The extraction closed loop controlled is designed to maintain a minimum face velocity of 0.5m/s regardless of sash opening. Sash’s are mechanically interlocked to safely isolate the system in case of an emergency. Extraction is an optional feature, and the reason for the enclosure. Without it, MultiDose can exist as an open, bench-top module.

Collaborative robot arm
Interchangeable gripper fingertips

Collaborative robot arm

The system is based around a collaborative UR3e robot arm from Universal Robots. The compact, lightweight arm brings all the benefits of collaborative working, from eliminating the requirement for a safety enclosure, to a flexible, harmonious workflow with it's user/s. The use of cobots requires minimum safety training for multiple users and productivity in the lab is maximised.

Easy integration

The powder dispensing is fully controlled by a Mettler Toledo XPR automatic 6 place balance. The carousel boasts 56 positions and the system is compatible with all the Mettler solid dosing heads. 6 different SBS format vial types can be handled within the same process. Storage for 6 interchangeable gripper fingertips and 6 vial adapters are stored within the module and changed automatically in accordance with the vial type.

Optional add-on modules

MultiDose can be purchased straight 'off the shelf' or it can be custom built to include additional module/s which may be intrinsic to your existing workflow. Examples include:

Liquid handling

The dispensing of even viscous liquids can be added or replaced as the main function of this system.

Vial barcode reading

Depending on the existing workflow and input vials, barcode reading can be added for essential data management activities.

Glove box

For the handling of hazardous materials. An enclosure would be required as protection from chemical materials only.

HEPA air filtration

As featured, an air filtration module can be added, which will need an enclosure around the MultiDose platform.

LIMS integration

The MultiDose software can be integrated with your organisations LIMS system to allow the seamless and secure transfer of experiment data.

Custom layout

The layout of the MultiDose platform can be customised, for easy integration into existing lab workflows, where space is limited.

MultiDose Automated Powder Dosing System by Labman
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
MultiDose Automated Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction 001
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction
Automated XPR Powder Dosing System with HEPA Extraction

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