Quality built in, at every stage

Our quality management system ensures excellence is built in to every project - right from the get-go. From identifying and understanding our customers needs, to reviewing and improving management systems, there is protocol in place to ensure our service is always the best it can be.

ISO 9001 certifited

ISO 9001:2015 certified

UKAS accredited LRQA ensures Labman’s compliance to ISO 9001. The quality management system constantly monitors and measures the customers’ contractual requirements, the customers’ underlying requirements, applicable regulatory requirements and the performance of Labman employees (leadership, planning, evaluation) by a process of ongoing reviews, audits and continual improvement.

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ISO 13485:2016 certified

To broaden our offering to the healthcare sector, ISO 13485:2016 defines the strict regulatory requirements which ensure product safety and efficacy. We have designed our quality management system to be compliant with this standard, which ensures high-quality design, manufacture, installation and servicing of electromechanical devices (and software) for medical applications.

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Quality Policy

What we plan to do, and how we plan to do it.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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ISO 13485:2016 Certificate

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Quality Procurement Manual

A full guide to systems at Labman which ensure current, and ongoing compliance.

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Our customers

Close consultation to ensure we meet, and exceed requirements

Our number one priority is creating innovative, intelligent systems which deliver exactly what the customer requires. Our protocols ensure that we identify and understand our customers’ needs and expectations, to ensure we can achieve the intended results, every time. Ongoing support, training and maintenance procedures enable us to maintain great working relationships with all our customers, whether they are old or new.

We encourage customer feedback to help us keep improving our performance and level of service, continuously.

ISO 13485 internal systems

Our internal systems

Every stage is covered, so that nothing is missed
Understanding and managing our internal processes, ensure they are performed effectively whilst always remaining safe. We sustain quality excellence through the management of risks and the continual improvement of processes and services across all areas of the business. When it comes to production, our quality management system ensures suitable manufacturing and test equipment is available and maintained. Labman maintain a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. This ensures that across all aspects of the business, we are implementing protocols and processes to ensure the outcome is always excellent. By setting meaningful targets and objectives this allows us to achieve continual improvement of our quality management system. And this is not just our say-so; we operate stringently within standards required by relevant legislation, regulations, and industry codes of practice.
Labman engineer workforce

Our people

Building and retaining a skilled workforce

Our ongoing goal is to build a multi-disciplinary workforce across all fields of the business. Delivery of world class automated solutions means we need highly skilled inventors, innovators and problem solvers. Providing training and up-skilling opportunities allows us to efficiently and cost effectively deliver products and service to our customers, whilst identifying areas for improvement.

Labman project products from suppliers

Our suppliers

Ensuring quality products from our suppliers is the first step to achieving a quality solution.
We ensure we only use suppliers who are competent and share Labman's commitment to customer satisfaction. Building and maintaining relationships with key suppliers provides a mutual benefit and assists in successful and rapid product procurement.

While we're at it


Environment and effective building management

At Labman, we’re always promoting a healthy environment. We strive to minimise waste (including power and water) recycle materials and parts, reuse packaging and help save resources. Our recycling efforts go beyond general waste, as we have formal procedures for the recycling of electrical waste, (confirming to WEEE regulations) metal, cardboard, batteries, ink cartridges and offcuts of materials to name but a few.

Use of a building management system to automatically regulate the temperature and conditions within the building, allows a more efficient approach to temperature control. Commands are issued every five minutes to the separate aircon circuits, to ensure constant regulation of temperature. The system also manages underfloor heating controls.

Labman are committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution and to complying with all environmental legislation affecting the company and its operations.

Download our Environmental Policy here.


Health & Safety

Labman operates a number of stringent procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel and visitors on site. Training, risk assessments and suitable PPE is provided where required, to cover a number of areas which require safe working, including hazard control, COSHH assesments, working at height, fire, electrical safety, machinery and tools, heavy lifting, and health and hygiene.

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Wondering about how we integrate compliance, quality and safety into any areas within the business? Just ask, and we will be happy to help.

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