James during his internship at Labman Automation

The Interns #10 – James C

Katie Simpson Uncategorized

As we continue with the intern blogs, we thank James C for everything he brought to Labman this summer, in particular this amusing read:

“13 weeks ago, I started my internship at Labman not knowing what to expect, wondering whether robotics is a field I’d like to work in permanently. 13 weeks later, I’ve been an electrical engineer, a designer, a mechanical engineer, a machinist on the lathe, a project leader, footballer, squash player, and a rock climber.

I’ve worked on a multi-million-pound formulation engine going to Italy, I’ve lead a project building an ocean waste plastic shredder and I’ve met brilliant people who have made me feel so at home. Having learned so much that I never could have at university alone, my heart’s set on robotics in future, yet I’m still surprised each day by new tasks and challenges. I guess you could say I’m praying they’ll have me back next year:

Our Andrew who art in Labman,
Whitwell be thy name
Thy profits come,
Thy tasks be done
On PFIT as they are on USPS_ACID.
Give us today our daily shred,
And forgive our untidiness
As we forgive Vodafone for wrongly disconnecting the Handyside internet,
And lead us not into inefficiency,
But deliver from us BFIL.
For thine is the Labman,
The Automation and the Robot,
For ever and ever.