Beckhoff beckons

John Hesford Uncategorized

Labman are always on the lookout for new technologies and strive to work with high performance, cost efficient solutions wherever possible. Most of our systems are based on several core control technologies that provide a solid platform to build and expand on.

One recent development includes working alongside Beckhoff who have an excellent reputation for producing high quality system control modules. Labman have invested heavily in expanding our standard control application to work seamlessly with the Beckhoff industrial PC and connected modules, building a dedicated demonstration robot based on this technology.

The Beckhoff industrial PC (IPC) is a DIN rail mounted, Windows based PC that is built using industrial components and has a small form factor. It connects to a huge array of I/O and motion control modules via EtherCat and can combine standard PLC function blocks, safety PLC functionality, servo and stepper motor control, I/O, serial ports, analogue I/O. Most of the modules are also available in either DIN rail mounted format or as distributed IP rated boxes.

We’re excited to start including Beckhoff in our systems and are sure it will help us develop more advanced systems with increased monitoring and control capabilities. Watch this space for more developments!