Whale-come To Labfest 2023

Check out this years wet 'n' wild Beach Party
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Labman team member laid on a rubber ring sliding on wet slip 'n slide

Katie SimpsonPublished 24th Aug 2023

This year’s Labfest is done and dusted, but the memories will remain for a very long time!

Typically, Labfest is our most lively event of the year and this one was no different, with plenty of people enjoying our slip ‘n’ slide, volleyball competition, scrapheap challenge, surf machine, and sandcastle building competition. The event is held annually in gratitude to all Labman staff who hard work all year to keep the business thriving.

The live band, Robbie and the Near Misses, was a massive hit, playing many classic get-up-and-groove songs, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, and we all can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

Labman want to say a massive thanks to those who kept us fed throughout the day, with amazing food from Bute Pizza and Grange Hog Roast, and great ice cream from Stewy’s Ices, which fit perfectly with our beach party themed event!

Big thanks to Three Brothers, whose bar quenched all our thirsts and provided us with great drinks!

All of us at Labman are so excited to see what amazing things come for Labfest next year and we want to say a big thanks to all our employees for the amazing work that they do every day!

Labman team member laid on a rubber ring sliding on wet slip 'n slide