Introducing Labman Software

John Hesford Uncategorized

At Labman we’ve built our business on developing bespoke robotics systems based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. We are excited to announce today that we are now bringing this expertise to developing custom software solutions – Labman Software.

This newest member of the Labman family will focus on developing custom, open and connected software that fits with how our customers’ organisations already operate. These bespoke pieces of transformative software are designed to be powerful yet intuitive.

We don’t think that software should tie you in to a certain file type, or a certain product’s structure; that’s why Labman Software will not lock-in your data through proprietary protocols or closed data structures. Whilst we use state of the art security we always ensure you’re able to access and extract your data in the format you need.

Lab Management Labman Software

Having successfully integrated 3rd party hardware and software into many of our automated systems for more than 35 years, Labman Software has the experience to implement seamless data flows in organisations and laboratories. From windows applications, to mobile apps, web-based software and database systems, Labman Software will work to create versatile, accessible software that works for our customers.

Find out more, and discover ideas for your own custom software project now by heading to our brand-new Labman Software website.

We look forward to working with you in this exciting new venture for Labman.