Labman take TIDAS to the American Coating Show 2014!

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After the success of Labman’s recent trip to China what better way to exhibit our TIDAS “fineness of grind” robot than to take it to the American Coatings Show in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

The show was held in the Georgia World Congress Center, which boasts over 110,000 net square ft of exhibit space. More than 480 exhibitors were at the event, many of them current suppliers and customers so it was a good opportunity for us to meet some old and new faces.

We wanted to demonstrate the power of TIDAS live at the venue so we designed a one off USA special, which included the “Stars and Stripes” on the TIDAS door.


The show got off to a good start with lots of potential contacts just in the first day. There was great interest in the TIDAS itself, including enquires for our fully automated formulation systems.

As part of the TIDAS enquiry process we offer FREE sample testing so you can see the unique and repeatable results the TIDAS offers. All we require is for you to send the samples to us for testing, for more information please email [email protected]

The exhibition was an overall success and we gained many new contacts within the coatings industry. As TIDAS moves from strength to strength we are excited about the opportunities and possibilities brought to us from the show.

For more information on our TIDAS product please click here TIDAS Paint Dispersion Assessment System