Got Plans for the Summer?

A summer internship at Labman is the ideal way to get experience in one of the fastest growing automation companies in the world. Boost your CV, join us for our annual summer party – Labfest, and make connections

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Whether you’re just about to start uni, or have already done a year or two, working at Labman gives you a head start in the world of engineering. You will be entrusted with responsibility from day one; expected to take charge of your work; and encouraged to take a wider interest in the operation of the company as a whole. You will very quickly be given project leader status on new, live projects, and will take charge of large budgets for real clients.



Our senior engineers will provide you with mentoring and guidance in every area of the business to give you a solid grasp and understanding of Labman and the work you’ll be doing. You will be expected to learn quickly and to utilise your engineering creativity and knowledge to help produce the next innovative Labman system.

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A summer internship at Labman will provide you with a very strong vocational foundation, and will develop and hone the skills required to catapult you into your chosen field with confidence. Labman also has an extremely high rate of retention – many of those who have taken placement years at Labman remain with the company and some are now senior project leaders. And of course there’s LABFEST, our annual summer party – expect robotic cocktail makers, giant inflatables and some sort of home-made contraption for cooking the food.

Apply now for summer 2024 start.