Labman's Custom Cryogenic Grinder System


Custom cryogenic and room-temperature grinders

Complete Sample Grinding


Labman’s room-temperature grinding systems are the most comprehensive automated systems available today for grinding biomass samples for analysis. The robotic systems can be configured to not only grind almost any sample using ball mill grinding, but also to automate the process of picking-and-placing and preparing the vials, including capping and de-capping.

Particle size and grinding time are quick and simple to adjust, giving you complete control over your grinding cycle. Any vial type, such as storage vials or NIRS vials, can be used in the system and online analysis can be conducted via infrared spectroscopy or the system can be configured to simply prepare racks of ground samples for offline analysis.

Cryogenic Grinders


Lowering the average operating temperature to -60 degrees, Labman’s cryogenic grinding systems take the principles and automated processes from their room temperature grinders and allows users to grind even the most tough-to-mill materials. With an average capacity of 96 scintillation input vials, and 576 output vials, a full run of samples can be quickly and accurately completed at sub-zero temperatures using our fully automated systems. As with any Labman system, parameters such as feeding, grinding and output formats can be easily adjusted.

Automated Cryogenic Grinding System

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Custom build

As with many of Labman systems, the grinding systems are custom made for you. This allows you to purchase a system that works seamlessly with your workflow.

Labman support

As with every Labman system, we offer fantastic support packages, and each system comes with a 1-year full warranty as standard.