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Powder feeding and slurry handling system

An automated system designed to produce, homogenise and transfer powder-ethanol slurries.
Labman custom system: Powder feeding and slurry handling system

Key features

Powder feedingFeed up to 24 powders using a Mettler Toledo Quantos dosing system
Liquid dispensingDispense ethanol using a Tecan syringe pump, with priming station
Pot mixingMix pots at speeds of up to 2400rpm using a Hauschild dual asymmetric centrifuge
Slurry transferringTransfer slurry using a Sartorius Biohit pipettor, with changeable tips for reduced cross contamination
Crucible heatingHeat 32 crucibles simultaneously to a temperature of up to 80°C
Online loading/unloadingRemove/replace consumables during a process, with SICK light gates and polycarbonate guards providing safe access
Configurable processCreate workflows of various batch size, dispense parameters and procedure


The Powder Feeding and Slurry Handling System is a floor standing system designed to produce, homogenise and transfer powder-ethanol slurries. Plastic mixing pots and ceramic crucibles are loaded to the system using a four quadrant indexing rack. This can done before or during a process. Powders are fed to the mixing pots before ethanol is added to create a slurry. The mixing pot is agitated in a dual asymmetric centrifuge (DAC) to homogenise the contents. After sufficient mixing the slurry is pipetted from the mixing pot into a crucible. The crucible is then heated to evaporate the ethanol leaving a dry, even powder distribution.


Labman custom system: Powder feeding and slurry handling system

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