Custom project

Mixing formulation module

A Portable, benchtop module for liquid formulation mixing and live properties measurement, featuring three stirring mechanisms.
Labman custom system: Mixing formulation module

Key features

Mix & MeasureMixing and measurement of liquid formulations
BenchtopBench-top portable device
Multiple MeasurementsMeasurement of temperature, pH and torque during the mixing.
Three Stirring MechanismsThree stirring mechanisms to ensure the formulation is fully mixed
Easy Control DeviceHandheld device to control the system and log the data


System Overview.

In 2014 Labman delivered a bench top portable mixing formulation module to the R&D department of a big international company. The system is able to mix formulations of differing viscosities and homogeneities due to the three different stirring units that are involved in the mixing. The mixing configuration emulates that employed in a large scale manufacturing site. During mixing, the system is able to measure and log data from the formulation temperature probe, its pH probe and its viscosity torque transducer. These properties are measured through a temperature probe, a pH probe and a torque meter respectively. The system is semi-automatic, allowing the operator to load and manually add the desired materials to be mixed in the formulation. The user can add materials during the mixing and monitor the formulation properties in real time. The system is run by a user-friendly hand-held control device, which allows the operator to set the mixing parameters and log the desired data. The data can be logged onto a USB stick for further analysis.



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