Rapid sample reformatter

Specially designed to sub-sample large volumes
of COVID-19 samples

Covid Sample Vials

COVID-19 sample vials

Well Plates

well plates

Responding to the demand for high-throughput sample processing, this robust, semi-automated system is capable of running continuously to provide crucial efficiency for Track and Trace operations anywhere in the world.

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Blazing fast operation

The COVID-19 pandemic has required all of us to make monumental changes to workflows and to process data at extraordinary speeds. Track-and-Trace operations around the world require sample processing at unparalleled throughput speeds and with great efficiency. This Rapid Sample Reformatter is specifically designed to meet these crucial requirements for reliability and high throughput operation. No matter the size of your laboratory, this system is capable of taking all the samples you can throw at it.


seconds to process 3 vials, including subsampling and heat sealing


continuous operation

No nonsense, robust process

Well Plates

Load well plates

The system prompts a user to load a barcode-scanned well plate into a continuous operation carousel.

Covid Sample Vials

Load vials

A user can then load up to 3 vials containing sample fluid, before single tapping the system to start the run.

Sample Vial


The system quickly barcode scans, decaps the three vials loaded, and dispenses the caps into a bin.



Using a robotic arm, the system then dispenses fluid from the three vials into well plates, quickly dispensing of the used pipette tips afterwards.


Heat-sealing vials

The vials are then heat sealed and transferred to a separate output unit. The sealed vials from the output unit can also be re-run through the system if a retest is required.

Safe, simple workflow by design

Rapid Sample Reformatter System Screen
Covid Vial Loading

Designed and manufactured by Labman in the UK

The Rapid Sample Reformatter benefits from our 40+ years experience designing and building automated systems. Constructed within a strong aluminium frame, the system can be delivered to your lab in one piece, minimising on-site setup time.

Simple, informed vial loading

When the system is ready for more vials, it prompts a user with a light system that corresponds to a vial position. This simple operation reduces onboarding time and allows for ease of working. The system features a barcode scanner for easy data tracking.

Covid Sample Vials
Labmans Standard E-Stop Technology

Flexible tube type compatibility

Well plates and pippette tips are loaded at the opposite side of the system to the vials into a separate carousel, allowing the system to output completed well plates whilst simultaneously loading new well plates and tips, decreasing any wait times significantly.

Safety built in

Alongside Labman’s standard E-stop technology, interlocked doors and hand-sensing light gates, the system operates using a two-handed touch sensor system. This ensures that the operator is always in control of the system and the loading process. Once a user has loaded the vials that the system requires, they simply tap the two hand pads to continue the system's operation.

High Resolution Camera
Covid Swab Tube

Image analysis

In order to ensure that samples are taken accurately and reliably from the vials, the Rapid Sample Reformatter includes a dedicated camera that analyses each of the pipette tips for blockages, sample levels and more, using advanced image analysis algorithms. This data informs the system as to how to best process the samples it is currently working with, and the resultant data is stored in the software.

Safety built in

The system will take 7 types of COVID swab tube as standard and Labman can easily print new tube holders overnight for a new tube type, providing complete compatibility for your testing requirements. We recommend using the following vials for optimal operation:

UTM or Vacuette vials, 3-6ml.


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