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Vial Weighing Systems

Easy-to-operate, automated vial weighing systems with optional upgrades.

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Simple Operation

Labman's portfolio of vial weighing systems makes the process of weighing vials a simple and efficient operation. Whether you require an a compact bench-top unit, or large freestanding enclosure, the automated vial weighing technology allows users simply to load racks of vials and press start.

Easy Data Handling

The barcode and weight of every vial is recorded, Labman have integrated 4, 5 or 6 decimal place balances within our systems. The software retains a history of weights and sample location information. Run data can be exported to an easy-to-read Excel file or uploaded to a LIMS system.

Automated Vial Weighing System Excel Export Custom Software
Automated Vial Weighing System Gripper

Custom Built


All vial weighing systems are built from the ground up to your specification. Most of systems will include other modules such as barcode reading, labelling or a capping/de-capping station.

The nature of Labman's business is custom built systems, and owing to our flexible workflow and multi-disciplinary workforce, more complex upgrades such as liquid handling, integration with existing bulk storage systems, and LIMS integration are done with ease. This ensures the system works exactly as you want it to in your lab.

Endless possibilities

A variety of different vial types and sizes can be handled by the same system. Interchangeable gripper fingers, vial adapters and different rack formats make this possible.
It can be difficult to read the weight of a statically charged vial. Anti-static bars are integrated into the balance as standard to help reduce static charge. Vials are passed in front of the bar prior to weighing.
Bulk cap storage or a cap/vial feeding module such as a bowl feeder can be easily integrated into the system.
Calibration weights
The system will automatically calibrate to ensure your results are always accurate. A number of calibration weights can be stored in the system which are used to calibrate the balance between each run.
Each vial weighing system is designed with completely custom software to ensure it works exactly to your specification. Nothing is 'off the shelf'.
The process will be centred around either a robot arm, or an XYZ axis used to move vials around the platform. Labman's engineers can advise which would be most suitable according to the requirements of your system.
Vial Weighing and Labelling System
A vial labeller can be integrated into the system with various options for label types, sizes, printing options and application positions.
Capping/de-capping station allows the efficient removal of caps which can then be replaced after weighing, or discarded and replaced with new caps from a store.
Vial reformatting is the process of switching the vial storage rack to a higher or lower density - often useful when integrating the weighed vials into exiting/historic lab processes. Every vial has its barcode scanned so that all new vial positions are recorded.

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Easy installation anywhere

The Labman vial weigher can quickly be installed in any lab environment and sits comfortably on a benchtop.

Labman support

As with every Labman system, we offer fantastic support packages, and each system comes with a 1-year full warranty as standard.