Custom project

Automated inert crimp capper

A benchtop system to apply crimp caps to vials under near-zero-oxygen conditions.
Labman custom system: Automated intert crimp capper

Key features

Pick and PlaceHighly accurate handling of individual crimp caps
Bowl FeederAutomated feeding of caps and individual marshalling
Inert ChamberFloods chamber with insert gas to create a near-zero-oxygen environment
CrimpingCrimps caps onto vials at speed.


The system crimps caps onto individually loaded vials under near-zero-oxygen conditions. Crimp caps are dispensed using a bowl feeder, marshalled and placed onto the manually loaded vial. The vial is purged with the connected inert gas and crimped in an inert chamber. The system is used as a proof-of-principle for the University of Liverpool’s Laboratory of the Future project, investigating the possibilities of automated robots working alongside technicians in a laboratory environment. Controlled through a user interface or by RS232 command, the system can be operated by both a laboratory technician or a collaborative and automated robot arm.



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