Custom project

Biomass grinding and dispensing system

Two high throughput wood grinding and dispensing systems that process a variety of wood tissues for NIRS, genetic and chemical analysis.
Labman custom system: Biomass grinding and dispensing system

Key features

Barcode readingBarcode reader for easy tracking of samples
PrecisionPowder Precision +/- 0.001g
Powder DispenserPowder Dispense up to 4g
Storage Vial FillingFilling of storage vials for downstream chemical analysis
NIRS Vial FillingFilling of NIRS vials
Capping and DecappingAutomatic Capping and De-Capping
ConfigurableConfigurable particle sizes
Ball Mill GrindingAutomatic Grinding by Ball Mill
High Throughput ProcessUp to 96 Input Vials, 3 replicates per 20 hours


System Overview.

In 2013 Labman installed two high throughput wood grinding and dispensing systems that could process a variety of wood tissues for NIRS, genetic and chemical analysis. Using our versatile XYZ robot design we created a custom robot which can pick and place vials, attach caps and grind wood samples in 60ml vials. After manually filling the vials with wood samples the robot picks the 1st vial and grinds the samples using ball bearings. The operator can program the system to adjust the particle size by varying the grind duration. After grinding the powder is dispensed into either NIRS vials for offline near infrared spectroscopy or storage vials for sample archiving or downstream chemical or genetic analysis. Powder is dispensed gravimetrically ±0.01g with the weight confirmed in a database stored using the vial barcode. The system is used every day as part of a French national project to further the understanding of native species.

“Labman staff have always been thoroughly professional and are experts in their field.”
— Andy EvansResearch chemist



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