Custom project

Vial transfer system

A fully automated system for transferring vials from an input rack to an output rack at high speed.
Labman custom system: Vial transfer system

Key features

Different Vial TypesSystem can be designed to handle a range of different consumables.
CustomisableAdditional modules can be added to the system to increase functionality.
Quick runtimeCompletes a run in approximately 75 minutes.
Vial TrackingBarcode readers are used to record the output position of all vials.
Simple OperationSimply scan the racks, load the system and press go.
High Throughput Transfer of 3 vials every 3.7 seconds.


System Overview.

This highly efficient system has been designed specifically to help transfer vials from an old chemical store into a newer automated storage system. It is estimated that the system will transfer over 1million vials within a 7-month period for the customer, whilst storing the barcode information and position of each transferred vial. Essentially the operator scans a barcode on the new storage racks and loads it into a specific location on the robot bed. The input rack from the old system is also loaded before the run is started. The robot then simply picks three vails from the input rack, scans their barcodes and places them into a specific position within the output racks. The system can also be customised, and upgraded, for example to a capping and weighing system.



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