Custom project

Fraction collector and sample re-formatting system

This custom Labman system is capable of collecting up to 600 fractions and reformatting them into empty output vials.
Labman custom system: Fraction collector and sample re-formatting system

Key features

Large CapacityWork space for 12 vial racks, each having a capacity of 50 vials
IntegrationDesigned to be integrated into existing system
Needle WashingIntegral dispense needle wash station


This was quite a novel project for Labman as we fitted a new robotic system into an existing enclosure that was originally installed by Labman in 2002. The customer wished to retain the existing enclosure as it provided a suitable, safe environment for the existing analysis equipment and media storage. It was also very cost effective to remove the old robotic axes and retain the existing framework. The new system is capable of collecting up to 600 fractions and reformatting them into empty output vials.

The process is performed by an XYZ robot which is equipped with a voltage controlled valve and an aliquoting/dispensing needle. The robot electronics monitors a signal from a Shimadzu LCMS, when a signal is received the fraction collection needle automatically indexes to each collection vial in turn and collects the fraction. The re-formatting process is performed by loading an Excel input file into the control PC, the robot then proceeds to re-format the required fractions into output vials. A needle wash station is also incorporated within the workspace to provide automatic washing of the needle between sample re-formatting steps. The robot is mounted to a Trespa bed which was designed to drop into the existing framework. The bed can hold 12 vial racks with each rack having a capacity of 50 vials.



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