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Sample preparation system

This system can dispense, stir, centrifuge and filter with capacity for straightforward input to output sample transfer.
Labman custom system: Sample preparation system

Key features

Capping/de-capping2 capping modules included in system
Liquid dispensingLiquid dispense station with 4 dispense needles
Sample stirring2 x 15 place mag stirring modules
CentrifugingHettich 32 benchtop centrifuge (6 place)
Liquid transferLiquid transferred between vials using Sartorius R-Line Dispenser on the Z axis
Sample filteringCapacity for 96 filter syringes (0.45um)


The system is designed to prepare samples containing solids, typically food or cosmetics, for analysis. The process can be configured for different preparation methods. Typically, samples have some liquid reagent added before being mixed, centrifuged and the supernatant filtered into an output tube. The system is capable of processing approximately 96 samples in 16 hours, although this will vary depending on the complexity of the workflow. The system has capacity for 96 input samples and 288 output samples, the input to output ratio can be configured in the UI.



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