Custom project

Sample preparation system

A system to automate various processes associated with preparing plant samples ready for downstream analysis.
Labman custom system: Sample preparation system

Key features

GrindingDried plant samples ground using 2500rpm orbital mixer
Powder feedingPowder fed gravimetrically between vials (weighing to 0.01mg with static reduction)
Liquid dispensingUp to 12 liquids dispensed to less than 0.5% RSD
Liquid transferLiquids transferred between vials (configurable aspirate height)
VortexingUp to 192 vials vortexed simultaneously to 300rpm
CentrifugingVials centrifuged to 5000rpm
IncubatingUp to 192 vials heated simultaneously to 80°C
DryingUp to 50 vials decapped, heated and dried simultaneously to 50°C
SonicatingUp to 24 vials simultaneously sonicated in an ultrasonic bath


The system is designed to reduce man hours involved with the tedious task of sample preparation, as well as providing consistency and automatic data logging. The user need only enter a sequence of tasks before the system will complete the fully configurable process. The modules that are included are: grinder; centrifuge, vortexer, sonicator, liquid dispenser, liquid transfer, powder feeder, dryer and incubator. Please not this list is not exhaustive of the system’s potential – further modules could be integrated on request. Preparation runs of 50+ hours are achievable, as well as the capability to work with various sizes of consumables. Different process modes mean that multiple preparation steps can be performed simultaneously, thus increasing system throughput and versatility.

“Labman staff have always been thoroughly professional and are experts in their field.”
— Andy EvansResearch chemist



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