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High throughput powder dispensing (flux weighing) system

A powder dispensing (flux weighing) system capable of high throughput and long-term reliable performance; featuring a high capacity cup dispenser.
Labman custom system: High throughput powder dispensing (flux weighing) system

Key features

High Capacity1000 pot capacity (10 x 100 cup capacity trays with a 10 position error lane per tray)
High Capacity1000 pot capacity
2 Hoppers2 x Hoppers with 27.5 kg flux capacity each
0.5g tolerance0.5g tolerance
Quick Dispense30 seconds per dispense
Cup Dispenser CarouselCup dispenser carousel to hold 1200 paper cups
Large Capacity50kg powder capacity
Component BlendsCapable of 2 component blends


This High Throughput Powder Dispensing (Flux Weighing) system accurately dispenses and weighs powder into small paper cups for a global precious metals processing company. The system is capable of dispensing up to 50g of flux in to paper cups to a tolerance of ±.5g at rate of 1 every 36 seconds, or 1000 per a 10 hour run. Additional hoppers, output trolleys and output racks allow the system to produce 2000 cups every 24hrs. This is achieved by bulk feeding from both hoppers simultaneously to within 5 to 10% of the target weight then fine feeding from each hopper in turn until the final weight is achieved.

The system is also capable of blending 2 different powders in each hopper to a predefined ratio, with a maximum total of 50g and a tolerance of ±.5g for each hopper. The flux hoppers are mounted on to a hydraulic lift table to allow easy removal for loading, filling and cleaning. We are currently supplying additional hoppers and an output trolley to further increase the capacity.



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