Custom project

High throughput vial filler

A high-throughput, automated solution for feeding, filling and capping vials. Designed around a carousel to provide simultaneous actions.
Labman custom system: High throughput vial filler

Key features

High throughputLess than 3 seconds per vial
DispensingAccurate, volumetric dispensing with syringe pumps
Continuous operationAll stations working simultaneously via a carousel
Large capacityStorage for 10,000 consumables on the system
Error handlingThe system handles detected errors and tracks them through the process cycle
CappingPrecision capping with force control and feedback


The High Throughput Tube Filler is a floor standing, automated system that fills tubes with a buffer solution, caps the tubes and outputs them. The core functionality of the system is designed around a carousel to allow actions to be performed simultaneously. There are six stations; tube input station, filling station, cap input station, capping station, output station and waste. Two twin-track bowl feeders feed tubes and caps to their respective stations on the carousel via escapements at the end of the tracks. Hoppers above each bowl feeder have capacity for 10,000 consumables and continue to feed the bowls for the duration of the run. The system is capable of processing in the region of 2 vials every 6 seconds.



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