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Labman’s Experience

High throughput formulation and screening encompasses many aspects of automation and experimental design to enable the generation of large number of samples and huge data sets. Typically, formulation systems combine liquid dispensing, viscous liquid dispensing, powder handling, mixing and analysis within a single or module platform. Accelerated formulation can reduce time to market for new products by months and make huge cost savings on raw materials.

Labman has many years of expertise designing and installing high throughput systems in many industries, including:

• Home and personal care
• Paints
• Inks
• Food technology
• Agrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Materials discovery
• Nano materials

Perhaps, more than in any other area of laboratory automation, formulation lends itself to custom automation solutions. Raw materials, processing conditions, and characterisation methods vary hugely between industries as do the business needs for each client. Automating a formulation workflow is complex and requires careful consideration of available technologies, future business needs and data management; involving Labman in this process helps to ensure the solution is right.

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  • Labman automation Formulation automated

Key capabilities.


• Solids handling
• Liquids and viscous liquids handling
• DAC integration
• Instrument integration
• Capping de-capping
• Labelling
• Flexible workflow creation and management

Example Systems.

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