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Powder Handling


Labman’s Experience

Accurate and consistent powder feeding is crucial to many laboratory workflows, yet it is also one of the most difficult processes to automate reliably due to the huge range of physical properties of powders used commercially and in laboratories. Labman has developed multiple solutions to handle many difficult powders, such as cohesive and hydroscopic powders, at tolerances down to 1mg. If you are looking to automate powder handling, then it is likely that a Labman system will be able to meet your requirements.

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Key capabilities.

Powder Handling

• Gravimetric dosing
• Crystaline powders
• Hydroscopic powders
• Non-free flowing powders
• Cohesive powders
• Seed dispensing
• Biomass Dispensing
• Pin feeders (~1mg tolerance)
• Auger feeders (~10mg tolerance)
• Vibration feeders (~50mg tolerance)
• Disposable powder pipettes
• Mettler Toledo Quantos integration
• Humidity controlled atmospheres
• Powder boat tipping

Example Systems.

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