Custom project

Aquakem loading system

High throughput loading robot for a Thermo Aquakem.
Labman custom system: Aquakem loading system

Key features

Automated Sample TransferAutomated sample transfer
Automated Test SelectionAutomated test selection
Sample ConsumptionSample consumption ~ 1.5ml per set of tests
Accurate ResultsNo crossover contamination giving incredibly accurate results
Scalable CapacityScalable capacity
Full LIMS IntegrationFull LIMS integration
Bottle ChillingChilling of the bottles
Cycle TimeCycle time ~ 45 seconds or 100 bottles per hour


This automated system is honestly the bees knees If only we’d known about Labman sooner, we’d have saved ourself millions!

System Overview.

Labman have designed and installed a number of loading systems to supply samples directly to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Aquakem analyser (Thermo Scientific Aquakem 600). The loaders automatically present bottled samples to the Aquakem sampling needle by placing them into an aliquot position where the Aquakem’s ‘KUSTI Arm’ attachment will aspirate the sample and dispense it directly into the analyser. Sample bottles are loaded offline into removable trolleys and wheeled into the system. This allows almost non-stop operation of the system with minimal set-up time. The trolleys can hold one or many individual batches created by a LIMS system. Test information is passed to the Aquakem unit via the systems ‘ASTM’ or ‘KoneOnline’ uplink and allows each sample to be processed with any combination of tests. The data for the Aquakem is provided by a Labman software uplink and can be compiled from barcodes, LIMS ID queries and operator defaults. Standards and blanks are locally programmed and automatic. Labman can handle your existing sample bottle type subject to a design review. The cycle time for picking a bottle, barcode reading, de-capping, presentation to the Aquakem and re-capping / replacement is 45 seconds . This allows 100 samples to be presented in an hour and a quarter. Aquakem results are passed directly to the LIMS with their respective sample ID. Options include larger sample capacities and trolleys, integrated chilling to maintain the samples at 4 – 8 degrees Celsius, sub-sampling for off-line analysis and on-line physical chemistry analysis. A graphical user interface allows the operator to see the current status of the system at all times and lists which samples have been processed, those that remain and details any warnings applicable to each bottle.



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