Quality Control, Stability &
Life Cycle Testing


Labman’s Experience

Automation can be an invaluable tool within the QC environment. Whether it is through removal of operator error in traditionally subjective measurements or through increased capacity by automating a centralised QC lab. Labman has experience across all these areas and through a range of different industries.

Our experience started with automation of the fineness of grind test. This involved developing a completely unique method to replace a traditionally manual and highly variable test which is now relied upon by companies all over the world. In parallel to this, Labman have been successful through transferring their knowledge of lab-based robotics systems into production QC or stability testing applications. Forced life cycle testing systems also feature in the Labman back catalogue with completely custom systems being designed to handle a wide range of commercial products.

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Key capabilities.

Quality Control, Stability & Life Cycle Testing


Fully automated QC systems (automate the QC lab)

  • Automated sample handling
  • Integration of QC instrumentation
  • Automated sample application
  • Automated sample storage management

Automated stability testing

  • Integration of environmental test chambers
  • Automated sample tracking

Component lifecycle testing

  • Forced failure testing
  • Overload testing
  • Repeated cycle testing
  • Compliance testing

Example Systems.

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