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Temperature & Environmental Control


Labman’s Experience

Accurate control of the environment within a robotic work cell or localised temperature cycling features throughout most of Labman’s systems. From simply using heated blocks during sample preparation to developing state-of-the-art thermal cycling for microfluidic systems, Labman has the engineering experience and flexibility of design to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

Beyond temperature control and thermal cycling Labman also have the experience required to offer full environmental control of robotic work cells. This includes offering variable control of gas levels, temperatures and percent humidity.

Whether it is integrating robotic systems into an environmental chamber or adding specific heating requirements to sample preparation or mixing processes Labman has experience across most applications.

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Key capabilities.

Temperature & Environmental Control

• Sample temperature control/thermal cycling during formulation
• Incubator chambers
• Chilled sample storage
• Temperature controlled liquid dispensing
• Gas level control in isolator chambers
• Humidity controlled environments
• Industrial oven integration

Example Systems.

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