Dispense Module

A robust powder and liquid dispensing module that docks into the Formulation Engine.
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Multiple dispense options

The Module dispenses liquids and powders from Mobile Dispensing Units (MDUs) and liquid from 4 internal reservoirs. These materials are dispensed into polypropylene pots (125ml or 350ml capacity), glass vials (40ml, 12ml or 4ml capacity) or 6ml glass powder boats (powder only). Dispensing is controlled by weight on a four-place balance.
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Key features

High accuracy weighing via a four-place balance


Syringe pumps for dispensing liquids

Vacuum system empties and cleans residue from powder boats

7 MDUs can be accomodated at once for high throughput

De-humidified chamber for powder storage

Either liquid or powder type MDUs can be handled

Collaborative workflow

Up to seven MDUs can be loaded into the module, either by the Formulation Engine or by hand, and the Formulation Engine loads pots/vials/boats into the module. Dispenses are made from the MDUs or from 4 syringe pumped internal reservoirs into the consumables which are moved under the dispensers on a robotically driven balance. 


Powder boats are stored in a dried air enclosure inside the module to prevent powders absorbing moisture. A vacuum arrangement is used to clean used power boats after they are returned by the Formulation Engine. Failure to clean a boat adequately is detected by comparing weights.