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Data acquisition system

Our Data Acquisition System allows the operator to monitor, log and analyse data from various sensors. Developed for scientific research & analysis.
Labman custom system: Data acquisition system

Key features

FlexibleCompletely flexible and customisable
Internationally CompatibleCapable of being used and powered throughout Europe and the USA
USB MonitoringMonitored from a laptop connected to the system via USB
Thermocouple channels8 Thermocouple Channels
mA channels16 4-20mA Channels
High Speed Channels4 High speed channels


System Overview.

Labman’s Data Acquisition System allows the operator to monitor, log and analyse data from various sensors. This system is used for scientific research & analysis, design validation & verification, stress & quality testing, diagnostics, process monitoring and asset monitoring. Some applications include: • Verifying that a pump meets specification • Diagnosing a faulty machine • Stress testing a motor • Analysing forces placed on a stressed beam • Automatic monitoring of factors throughout an experiment The system is based on the National Instruments cDAQ-9178 Chassis and modules. This system has the capability to monitor and log eight thermocouple channels, 16 4-20mA channels and four high speed channels. The sensors and monitored parameters include: *- Flow meters, flow rate, total flow, thermocouples, temperature, power meters, voltage, frequency, power, total power, power factor, pH meters, pH conductivity meters, conductivity, encoders, speed, direction, total revolutions, counters, speed, total revolutions, keyence light sensors, speed, direction, total revolutions. * The software is written in Visual C# and is designed to run under the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The software shows sensor data in real time on a graph. The various “pens” are able to be toggled only showing the information needed. The software includes ranging and scaling of all parameters, assignment of unique names and tag identifiers, calibration routines and logging of data for further analysis.



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