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MDI (metered dose inhaler) testing systems

A system to replicate a canister being shaken. They are weighed, fired and analysed to generate accurate data of how they perform over their lifetime.
Labman custom system: Mdi (metered dose inhaler) testing systems

Key features

Shake & Fire RoutinesRepeatable, definable shake and fire routines
High CapacityCapacity of 200 canisters
Firing ForceEasily adjustable firing force
Accurate WeighingWeighing accuracy to 0.01mg
Barcode TrackingBarcode tracking and 21 CFR part 11 compliant data handing
Unattended OperationAbility to set the system running and leave running
Expellant ExtractionExtraction of expellants


System Overview.

Labman has manufactured a number of automated MDI testers. Aerosol canisters for drug delivery are shaken in a very repeatable and configurable manner. Labman have manufactured a system to replicate a canister being shaken by the users wrist (rotation with 120mm radius) and also a system which simulates the canister being shaken from the users elbow (450mm) radius. Each canister is weighed, fired and analysed multiple times to generate accurate data of how each canister performs over its lifetime. Batch testing of the canisters indicates the accuracy of drug dispensing and variations between batches and valves. Canisters are tracked using barcodes and all data can be encrypted and protected to comply with 21 CFR part 11.



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